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So Light: Spacer bra

Colour: White

Available sizes:

  • 65 E F G H
  • 70 C D E F G H
  • 75 B C D E F G H
  • 80 B C D E F G
  • 85 B C D E F
  • 90 B C D E
  • 95 B C D
Colour: White

Available UK sizes:

  • 30 E F G H
  • 32 C D E F G H
  • 34 B C D E F G H
  • 36 B C D E F G
  • 38 B C D E F
  • 40 B C D E
  • 42 B C D

Spacer Bra is an absolute hit. Lightweight, breathable – ideally put on the body of every woman. Perfectly smooth and seamless cups formed thermally makes, that the bra fits perfect under the any clothing. Complete with the subtle Polish embroidery from Swidnica placed under the cups and delicate embroidery on the straps makes it very elegant. For the set of underwear we recommend the briefs from the So Light Collection.

Available in colour: white, beige and black.