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Romance: Full cup bra

Colour: White

Available sizes:

  • 65 E F G H
  • 70 D E F G H
  • 75 B C D E F G H
  • 80 B C D E F G
  • 85 B C D E F
  • 90 B C D E
  • 95 B C D
Colour: White

Available UK sizes:

  • 30 E F G H
  • 32 D E F G H
  • 34 B C D E F G H
  • 36 B C D E F G
  • 38 B C D E F
  • 40 B C D E
  • 42 B C D

Stylish bra with full cups. Perfectly supports and models a breasts. Ideal for everyday life or special occasions. This type of bra will satisfy the ladies, who loves elegance and good taste. The front panel is decorated with a delicate Italian embroidery Ricamificio Di Fagnano. Everything is complemented by a thin bow. This bra is suitable for ladies with medium and larger breasts. For the set of underwear we recommend the string, garter belt, briefs or hipster briefs from the Romance Collection.

Available in colour: white and black.