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Hypnodream: Semi-padded bra
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Hypnodream: Soft bra

Colour: Dark blue

Available sizes:

  • 65 E F G
  • 70 D E F G
  • 75 C D E F
  • 80 B C D E
  • 85 B C D
Colour: Dark blue

Available UK sizes:

  • 30 E F G
  • 32 D E F G
  • 34 C D E F
  • 36 B C D E
  • 38 B C D

Soft bra type balconette with embroidery – looks unusually tempting. It perfectly lifts and collects the breasts. The back is made of delicate microfiber. In the middle of the bra there is a delicate bow with a stone that adds charm. All this makes that the bra are very sexy and seductive. For the set we recommend the briefs or full briefs from the Hypnodream collection.