Romance: String
Pure: Briefs
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Pure: Semi-padded bra

Colour: Black

Available sizes:

  • 65 E F G H
  • 70 D E F G H
  • 75 C D E F G H
  • 80 B C D E F G
  • 85 B C D E F
  • 90 B C D E
  • 95 B C D
Colour: Black

Available UK sizes:

  • 30 E F G H
  • 32 D E F G H
  • 34 C D E F G H
  • 36 B C D E F G
  • 38 B C D E F
  • 40 B C D E
  • 42 B C D

Elegant and at the same time subtle bra type semi-padded. Very well stabilizes and collects even less elastic breasts. Cups are stiffening, which gives more support for breast. Charm adds to it by seductive embroidery from the Italian manufacturer Ricamificio Di Fagnano. On the middle of the bra is placed a delicate bow. For greater wearing comfort there are wide, decorative, adjustable and non-removable shoulder straps. For a set of underwear we recommend briefs from the Pure Collection.

Available in colour: white, ecru and black.