Essential: Briefs
Romance: Soft bra
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Essential: Full cup bra

Colour: Ecru

Available sizes:

  • 65 E F G H
  • 70 D E F G H
  • 75 B C D E F G H
  • 80 B C D E F G
  • 85 B C D E F
  • 90 B C D E
  • 95 B C D
Colour: Ecru

Available UK sizes:

  • 30 E F G H
  • 32 D E F G H
  • 34 B C D E F G H
  • 36 B C D E F G
  • 38 B C D E F
  • 40 B C D E
  • 42 B C D

Elegant full cup bra perfectly supports and models a breasts. Ideal for everyday life and for special occasions, and of course, it will satisfy each of the ladies, who loves elegance and good taste. The front panel is decorated with a delicate embroidery of the Italian manufacturer Ricamificio Di Fagnano. This bra is suitable for ladies with medium and larger breasts. For a complete set of underwear we recommend briefs from the Coco collection.